The Great Scandinavian Guitarshow 2022 in Stockholm this weekend!

 It is yet again time for the annual The Great Scandinavian Guitarshow . 
It takes place Saturday, Oct. 29th, 11 - 6 PM at Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden.
Here is your chance to see, play and buy your dream instrument or gear from pro vintage guitar dealers, luthiers, and custom builders. See you there!
Adress: Fryshuset, Mårtensdalsgatan 2-8, 12030 Stockholm, Sweden.
"Northern Europe’s largest vintage guitar show – a cult show with musicians, collectors, and interested people who come to talk, play, and of course: FIND AND BUY THE DREAM INSTRUMENT We: Anders Anderson Guitars and Halkan Hallquisth, Halkans Rockhouse are working this year’s show. The theme for this year is Rare Arch & Flattop guitars – of course, with a superb mix of all types of guitars and accessories. We will also present a fantastic guitar player Emil Ernebro and his friend and harmonica player Filip Jers – a real treat as usual."
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