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A setup is a service package where our technician checks and performs a series of actions to protect,

improve and adjust every part of your instrument including the following check list:

  • Install new strings (not included)
  • Thorough inspection of the entire instrument
  • Cleaning and polishing the entire instrument including oiling the fingerboard and polish the frets
  • Lubricate the tuners and remove oxide and rust from the electronics
  • Intonation (according to the instruments possibilities)
  • Adjustment of bridge and saddles, nut, truss rod and pickups for optimised sound and playability
  • Change the battery

Prices for a setup

Acoustic Guitar & Banjo

1000 SEK

Electric Guitar, Mandolin

1200 SEK

Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose-bridge

1500 SEK

Electric Bass

1200 SEK

Taylor Guitar including neck reset

1500 SEK

12-string Acoustic Guitar

1500 SEK

Additions to a setup

New nut guitar 6-string, bass

700 SEK

New nut 12-string, mandolin

900 SEK

New intonated bridge saddle

600 SEK

Mount strap button

135 SEK

Bridge re-glue added to setup

Already loose or comes loose easily

1000 SEK

Bridge must be heated to remove

1500 SEK

Bridge must be routed to remove

2000 SEK

Fabricate a new bridge

1800 SEK

Broken headstock added to setup

Only re-glue without finish touchup 1000 SEK
Re-glue including limited finish touchup

1500 SEK

Fret levelling and re-crowning added to setup

Fret levelling

1000 SEK

Re-fret added to setup


2500 SEK

Addition when the guitar has binding

500 SEK

Addition when the guitar has a lacquered fingerboard

1000 SEK

Addition when choosing Stainless Steel or EVO frets

1000 SEK

Levelling of an un-even/warped fingerboard (starting at)

500 SEK

Neck reset

Removal of neck, adjustment of angle, re-install and a light fret levelling and setup (can be more depending on the construction of the instrument) 4000 SEK and up

Repair cracks

Must be considered from case to case, at an hourly rate of

800 SEK /hour

Glue crack that closes easily

500 SEK /crack

Wide cracks in old instruments can sometimes be filled with an inlaid wooden stick 800 SEK /crack

Repair electronics

Hourly rate

800 SEK /hour

Troubleshooting and basic action

500 SEK

Installation of a singel pickup, Standard - electric guitar / bass

500 SEK

Installation of a singel pickup, Advance - electric guitar / bass

800 SEK

Installation of 2-3 pickups, Standard - electric guitar / bass

800 SEK

Installation of 2-3 pickups, Advance - electric guitar / bass

1200 SEK

Repair, preplacing a pot / switch

400 SEK

Installing a new pot / switch

800 SEK /hour