Specialists in used and vintage

Oscar Guitars is a unique guitar store specializing in second hand and vintage instruments. We buy used instruments, and sell to customers all over the world. Why buy new when you can buy Pre-Owned or Pre-Loved as some prefer to call it? It is of course one of our world´s current and most important messages, and is right on time. And wouldn´t you agree that an instrument only gets its soul after you've played it for a while? Of course we have certain favorite brands that we often look for which is evident in our range, but we also love to find quirky and slightly more personal instruments that may not be as well known. Our specialist area includes the instrument group Plucked String Instruments where we include guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and some other instruments. We also work a lot with effects pedals and guitar amplifiers. And of course we handle all accessories such as bags, cases, straps and other things that the guitarist may need.


We are known for being honest and accurate, and spend a lot of time on our descriptions. That's why the big collectors turn to us when it's time for new investments or valuations and sales. And therefore even families with children or beginners feel comfortable and welcome with us. Our descriptions do not attempt to paint a embellished picture, but should only provide accurate and clear information about condition, weight, measurements, specifications, history, damage and defects, any modifications or replaced parts, and what accessories are included. Then it is up to the customer to decide whether they want to buy their stuff from us or from someone else. Thanks to this philosophy, we have established a large trust capital among musicians, both in Sweden and abroad.

Guitar Safari

To find interesting instruments, we travel a lot. We visit all major guitar shows around the world, and often make home visits to musicians, collectors, recording studios and music stores in Sweden and abroad. Those of you who have followed us for a long time know that we like to go to the USA on so-called Guitar Safaris, where we often rent a big car and drive around to visit friends and buy instruments, and at the same time have some fun with good food and good music of course . www.oscarguitars.se Our website is our shop window to the world. There you will find lots of nice high-resolution pictures and demo videos of all our instruments that we have in the store. We also use the major sites Reverb.com and Vintageandrare.com as storefronts to reach even more potential buyers.