1982 Yamaha G-231 IIM Natural

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Very Good condition, 7,5/10, made in Taiwan at the Kaohsiung Yamaha factory, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, nato neck with rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge, plenty of scratches, nicks and dings, repaired hole in the side, plays great with low action, Yamaha's own words about the factory: At Kaohsiung, top-quality selected woods go through 6 months of natural and kiln drying under precisely controlled conditions before the wood is even cut. After initial shaping, the woods are subject to another two weeks of seasoning - again at accurately controlled temperature and humidity. More seasoning stages are inserted at critical points throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the woods are in top musical form by the time each instrument is complete. TOTAL AIR CONDITIONING The woods and instruments are maintained under carefully controlled environmental conditions until the moment they leave the factory to ensure lasting stability and quality. EXPERIENCED STAFF Key members of the Kaohsiung factory's 850-strong staff are skilled veterans in the guitar-manufacturing field, providing knowledge and experience essential in the production of truly fine instruments. This includes the operation of advanced machinery and important jobs that require more human sensitivity such as fret leveling, final sanding and final inspection. ORIGINAL TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT Much of Kaohsiung's ultra-modern equipment, from computer-controlled routers to state-of-the-art spray-painting robots and neck curvature assessment machinery, has been custom-designed specifically for the creation of superior guitars. NO-COMPROMISE QUALITY CONTROL Elements of both human experience and computer precision are combined at Kaohsiung to create a quality control program that is second to none. Although the words "Made in Taiwan" have not always carried a high-quality image, the Yamaha Kaohsiung factory is truly one of the finest guitar-production facilities in the world. It is a facility of which we at Yamaha are rightly proud. But although the Kaohsiung factory itself is impressive, it is the quality of the instruments produced there that tells the real story.