1963 Fender Stratocaster sunburst

This might be the one

This might be the one. 3380g of tone. One of the most resonant Strats we have seen in a while.

Built in Fullerton, CA during Fenders golden era, and the neck was stamped February 1963. All pre-CBS features, including strong red color in the 3-tone sunburst, clay dots, spaghetti logo, L-serial number, pots dated 3046324 (24th week of 1963) and original 3-way switch.

The original Swedish made Järna case and the bridge cover are included. The history of the guitar as stated by the previous owner:

"I was a bass player in a band in the 1960s, and had always wanted a Fender Stratocaster like Hank Marvin in The Shadows had. Quite by chance, I heard about someone who wanted to sell his Strat, and although it was not red, but sunburst, it was a proper Stratocaster. As a bass player, there wasn't much regular guitar playing for me. The guitar found its place under my bed and there it lay for many years. A musician friend borrowed it for maybe 6 months, but I don't quite remember. After I got it back, it ended up under the bed again, and apart from some pitiful attempts on my part to teach me some of Shadow's tunes, it stayed under the bed for years. As I have retired, stiff in the fingers, and no prospect of becoming a solo guitarist, I thought it could be sold, and perhaps end up with someone who would use it regularly. Hope it finds a good home."


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