1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb blackface



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Very Good condition, 7/10, Made in USA, including original 2-button footswitch (vibrato/reverb), replaced front cloth (amateur job so it is also installed 90 degrees the wrong way, but can be improved by a good tech), clean condition with original Fender labeled Oxford speakers with the code 465-449 (49th week of 1964) and also stamped 12K5-6, the other components have some visible codes and all point to late 1965 (power transformer 606-5-52 125A1A, output transformer 606-5-48 125C3A and the smallest transformer, reverb or choke, 606548 125A2OB), more info: "The Blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb is a true "holiest grail" vintage amp for both the studio and the stage, with a nearly never-ending list of famous users and a rabid fanbase of collectors. What seems at the surface to just be a Deluxe Amp with additional reverb circuit is actually more than that -- there's an extra gain stage in the Deluxe Reverb that turns up the grit much earlier than the standard Deluxe, giving you a more recognizable dirty Blackface sound. This desert island amp has exemplary break-up at manageable volumes, signature Fender cleans when set lower, and absolutely luscious tremolo and reverb sounds for an all-in-one amp that slides comfortably into any situation."