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Good condition, 6,5/10, Made in USA, no case, small block inlays in the rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body, project guitar which lots of bad repairs and no frets, but with original electronics including the original Tarback humbuckers that measure 5,27kOhm (neck) and 7,51kOhm (bridge, more info about these below) and pots which are dated 1377211 (11th week of 1972), this guitar has been refinished green at one point and then stripped to bare wood so it still has some green paint in the serial number and in the cavities, there is also some wood filler around the headstock and heel from old repairs, also a piece of binding missing on the fingerboard bass side, heavily sanded around the neck heel, a removed screw in the headstock repair with a gaping hole still visible, the frets have been removed and the fingerboard has been sanded with a radius that is smaller than the original 12inch radius and also fret 1-3 have too much wood removed, but nothing an accomplished luthier can´t restore, this guitar needs love! SOLD AS-IS, this is a project guitar that we hope will find a good home with someone with too much time on their hands, Good Luck!

The tarback humbuckers designed by Bill Lawrence were made from VERY late '72 to 1985, and were in thousands of SGs, Vs, 76-83 Explorers, ES's, but VERY rare to have them stock in a LP.

Easy to spot by checking the back of the pickup which is covered in black epoxy.

His potting ideas were slightly ahead of his time, and it may have been the increasing power of amplification that he considered when he designed them. He also designed them to be 5.2k and 7.6k for balance, as the neck pickup can be boomy

The bobbins were the same T-tops which were used during the 60´s and 70´s but the rest of the design is different. TBs used an INDOX 7 ceramic mag, a T Top used a short A5.

The neck pickup, which should read 5.2k, by design, had zebra bobbins (perhaps to differentiate the coils during assemby?), and the bridge pickup seems to be a double black and should read 7.6Kish according to Gibson specs.

There was a type of Tarback in LP Artisans, , but it was MUCH hotter, and was called a Series VII.

Also a different type in the L6-S, with non adjustable poles and a solid cover.

Official name for them is the Super Humbucking/Humbucker (I have seen and heard both, often shortened to just Super)

Gibson tar back specifications:

Inductance 4.7 Henries

Resonant Peak 5.8 Khz

DC resistance 7.8 K ohms (at 1000 cps)

Impedance High

Two Active upper coils

One Ceramic Magnet (indox 7)

Adjustable pole pieces

Removable pickup cover

2 point height adjustment