Guild Jet Star bass modified and stripped mahogany -66 serial SD231, beg. (Stockholm)

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Fair condition, 5,5/10, the body has been modified professionally in a cool way to an SG/EB-0 shape.

Made in Hoboken, NJ, USA, unreadable pots that look original, including modern black square hardcase, 2pc wooden fingerrests on both sides of the strings, 4pc handmade rosewood bridge saddles, original knobs, has been refretted, reglues headstock veneer, 3pc neck with slight separation but no issues, 1pc original white pickup that is hanging in a black painted wooden frame, untouched original examples of this model sell for around 2500-3000euro so this one is priced to sell! 30 1/2 short scale bass, more info from online:

Guild was a late starter into the electric bass market but by the end of 1964 developed the semi-hollow Starfire Bass and the solid body Jet Star, which used the body of the S-200 Thunderbird guitar. The Starfire went on to become a classic but the Jet Star...not so much. This very rare bass was introduced around the end of 1964 (appearing in the October '64 pricelist at $245.00) but few if any shipped before 1965. This 1966 model is one of around 200 shipped that year the only year the model was produced in any sizable numbers.

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