2008 Breedlove Passport C25CE, FS, Atlas Series



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Very Good condition, 7.5/10, Crafted in Korea, including modern camo-styled Gator lightcase, price brand new was 8000SEK (about 750USD), more info: Passport C25 FS is an archived guitar made by Breedlove. The fact that it used to be under the jurisdiction of Passport series signifies it was one of the more affordable Breedlove models. For Passport series Solid top, laminated sides and back, lack of expensive decoration and the fact that they are completely produced in Korea, reduce the price. Passport C25 FS comes with single cutaway design and body made of laminated mahogany back and sides with solid spruce sound board on top. Top panel is decorated with a single circle rosette and finished in satin lacquer. Bridge section is equipped with a modern rosewood bridge. Neck is equipped with a standard contour and 14th fret dovetail joint. 20-fret fingerboard is made of rosewood and comes with 1-11/16" string nut.

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