1966 Celestion Pre-Rola T1220 G12M Greenback 20w 12" Speaker - 8 Ohm



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Excellent condition, 8/10, Made in England, the cone is stamped with the Pulsonic Cone stamp 52/003, and the cork on the side is stamped 20GL T1220, This would make an amazing replacement for any Marshall 1973X 2 x 12 type of Combo or fit it in any 2x12 cabinet, The T1221 (15Ohm) and T1220 (8Ohm) are the legendary 'greenback' speaker. It is the standard specification 75hz G12M guitar speaker and a very popular speaker with rock guitarists. This speaker type has a nice 'juicy' compressed tone when pushed hard, with a warm mid-range. Often described as 'woody'. As such it can be heard on countless classic rock albums, and has been used by countless legendary guitarists. Specifications: G12M T1220 Greenback 20 WATT 8Ohm 75Hz PRE ROLA - Thames Ditton Surrey 20GL stamped on the front gasket (20th July 19 1966)

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