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1979 Fender Vibro Champ 6-Watt 1x8" Guitar Combo silverface


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Very Good condition, 7,5/10, Made in USA, all original parts, the speaker is missing the label, 3-prong cord for 110V so needs a 230V converter if used in the EU, the transformers are dated 606-850 (50th week of 1978) and 606-913 (13th week of 1979), more info: Born from the original tweed black panel models of the early '60s with added functionality made for pedals, the Fender Vibro Champ is a winner in any rig. The Vibro Champ added a tube tremolo circuit with controls for Speed and Intensity, making this classic recording amp even more versatile without sacrificing any of the original tone. A classic combo you'd be hard-pressed to get a bad tone out of.
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