1992 Rickenbacker model 220 Hamburg fireglo



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Good condition, 6,5/10, Made in USA, lots of little dents in the finish, especially along the edges, including older hardcase with some wear in the tolex, the pots are dated 1379229 (29th week of 1992), more info: 

Initially here was the 230 and the 250, which were introduced around the time John C hall bought the company. These were slightly changed to the 220 and 260 around '92, introduced in 1992 with a bolt on neck, maple fingerboard, 2 pickups, 25" scale, in sunburst, natural and colours. Its styling was similar to the earlier 430, made from 1971-82, which had been designed by Forrest White (ex Fender production chief) and the guitar indeed looks Fender like. There was also a deluxe, bound, gold hardware version called the 250. these models were discontinued not long after that in favor of the 650's.

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