1991 Hamer Chaparall Custom with OBL Sustainiac circuitry metallic blue


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Good condition, 6,5/10, Made in USA, lots of playing wear, some replaced screws, missing tremolo arm, the pots are dated 137903x (so 30th something week of 1990) and 1379116 (16th week of 1991), including original square hardcase, some fretwear, boomerang inlays, 2pc mini switches, 2 knobs, 5-way switch, the pickups are bridge: Seymour Duncan humbucker, middle: singlecoil with double square poles, neck: Sustainiac (with battery compartment on the back of the body), very dark blue finish so looks almost black in some angles, more info: Around 88, the Chaparrals were reconfigured again. New was the Chaparral Elite, which had an ebony board and boomerang inlays. Pickups were either OBL or Seymour Duncan. In 89-90, the Standard and Elite could be had with OBL Sustainiac circuitry. Sustainiac was essentially changing a neck humbucker into a high-powered magnetic E-bow, allowing unlimited feedback sustain. These later-version Chaparrals were offered until 94.